Musei Vaticani | Rooms EN
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A travel across time-space, a stage on which physical phenomenas take place next to the soul of men who wrote history, during their scientific research.

A tribute to men of science through a spiritual approach is the provocation of “My Tiny Home”, a B&B located close to Vatican Museum.
From this scientific premise creative developments, light beams recall the string theory in the hallway and each room matches a “time-space step” in which the concept of other dimension (in a time travel to the past) is faced thorugh total white spaces, and an idea of suspension (with lights game) accompanies the idea of furniture aging, a bright reference to the terms WABI-SABI (belonging to Oriental culture) expressing the contact with the soul of nature through slight things, deeply feeling its beauty that in turn is intimately intertwined with imperfection and caducity of things.
The target of this total white context is to get the user ready to an emotional impact through different installations located in each room, in which objects owned by (at least in assumption) each man of science (from whom the room gets its name), are placed in a breaking point that takes back to color.